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List of Services Provided 

  • Income Tax Return Preparation – We prepare income tax returns for individuals and entities, including but not limited to, corporations, S corporations, partnerships, trusts, estates, and exempt organizations.

  • Income Tax Planning – We offer tax planning services throughout the year in order to assist with lowering our clients’ tax liability and avoiding any unwanted surprises at the time of the tax return preparation.  We also strategize and make tax saving recommendations to our clients in order to provide them the greatest tax benefits.

  • Governmental Correspondence Assistance – We assist with resolving issues that arise with various tax and governmental agencies.  We communicate with these agencies on the client’s behalf to reach the best possible outcome.

  • Payroll Services – We offer a variety of payroll services ranging from us preparing all payroll to us assisting the client with the preparation of the payroll reports.  Dependent upon the client’s need, we will prepare the paychecks, make the necessary tax deposits, and prepare and file the monthly, quarterly, and annual payroll return filings.  We also offer payroll review services if the client prefers to prepare the company’s payroll.

  • Bookkeeping Services – We offer bookkeeping services based on the client’s need.  We will enter and reconcile the activity on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.  We also offer bookkeeping review services if the client prefers to enter the company’s activity.

  • Financial Statement Services – We prepare, compile, and review financial statements based on the client’s needs, as well as, the needs of creditors and other outside agencies.

  • Other Services – We assist our clients with miscellaneous items and issues as they arise, including but not limited to, accounting software purchases, questions, and training, sales tax calculations and filings, new business registrations and tax agency applications, and forms and applications for various other matters.

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